Al-Qasemi Alumni Vision and Goals

Al-Qasemi’s excellent reputation continues to grow. Thousands of students have now graduated from Al-Qasemi institutions, bringing with them Al-Qasemi’s esteemed values of understanding diversity, ensuring human rights and freedom of choice. Al-Qasemi has in fact become a living part of society’s collective memory, bringing together different cultures to collectively celebrate Al-Qasemi accomplishments, often made under challenging circumstances. A key factor in ensuring that Al-Qasemi’s reputation—and, more importantly, its valuable impact on society—will continue to grow and evolve is by ensuring there is a vibrant and active graduate-institute relationship.

Meaningful, engaging communication between alumni and their parent institution plays a significant role in developing both the graduates and their institution and provides unlimited opportunities for developing important projects and activities. Through the establishment of Al-Qasemi Alumni Association, we aim to strengthen our relationship with our alumni to create a highly effective movement of energy and ideas, with both sides learning from each other and developing each other. Al-Qasemi graduates continue to learn from and be supported by Al-Qasemi, while Al-Qasemi learns from and is supported by its graduates, creating a base where the outcomes will give the best benefit to all.